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Industry companies 

We focus on companies in the manufacturing industry by contributing our significant sector and market experience from the automation and robotics industry, as well as our network. 

In the years to come, companies will experience a change in technology and increased market competition. The megatrends that are dominating here are well known: Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT) and increased need for automation in manufacturing.

The pressure to increasingly automate manufacturing and its possible outsourcing to the Asia market is increasing. Meanwhile also the competitive pressure from Asia in Europe is becoming ever stronger. Companies need to show flexibility.

We know the operational and strategic requirements with which industrial companies will be confronted in the coming years. We are happy to support your management in overcoming the challenges and offer you our operational services.

Private Equity companies

Over the years, high net new money has been flowing into private equity funds. Accordingly, the industry has grown strongly. The enormous sums of new money must be invested profitably in order to achieve the required returns for investors. This is becoming more challenging.


There are plenty of investment opportunities. Making the right choice is not easy for financial investors. Private equity companies have the best financial know-how available, but there is often a lack of sector- and market-specific know-how.


What are the good acquisition targets and in which future industry can the required returns be achieved? How should the company further develop in the highly competitive international market? Convincing growth strategies are in demand. In addition, the portfolio companies must be accompanied intensively, because the company value is to be increased.


With our extensive industry knowledge in industrial automation, robotics and manufacturing, we are the ideal match for your investment teams when it comes to technology and market issues. We will be happy to support you in identifying and assessing possible investments, or represent you on the technical advisory board of the portfolio company.